Catholic Scouting for Girls     

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In order for your scout to earn National and/or Diocesan Religious Medals, your scout will need to work with a Consultant.


If you would like information on becoming a Consultant or finding a  Consultant in your area, email us at  [email protected]

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Hello Consultants-


We hope you have had a blessed year with your scouts and are working diligently with either a Diocesan or National Religious Award program!


We are again requiring the Preliminary Award Registration Forms for the girls receiving a Religious Recognition Award this year so that we may order the correct amount of awards. (They were not required last year.)  The Preliminary Award Registrations are due to Msgr. Dechering by February 20, 2017. This is simply a list of the girls working on their awards (see attached form).


The Award Application forms (on colored paper in the Diocesan books, and included in the National books) are still required and are due on March 1, 2017 to Msgr. Dechering. The Diocesan Application forms also have the girls’ evaluation form on the back side. If you will still be working on the awards at the time of the due date, please email Msgr. Dechering with your intended completion date, and the number of girls earning each award and then forward the paperwork upon completion. Please copy [email protected] on your email.


Please send your Preliminary Registration form & Awards Applications to:


Msgr. Anton Dechering, Chaplain

Catholic Committee for Scouting for Girls

c/o Blessed Trinity Catholic Church

1600 54th Ave South

 St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Or [email protected]



Diocesan Religious Recognition Medals

All these Awards are presented on Scout Recognition Sunday
DIOCESAN PROGRAMS These Diocesan Awards were designed to aid the Girl Scout in supplementing her religious education in school or CCD. It is expected that the Girl Scout earn the Diocesan Award before she begins to work on the National Award.

THE GUARDIAN ANGEL AWARD is a new Diocesan Award presented to Daisy Girl Scouts in Kindergarten or First Grade.

THE MOTHER MARY AWARD is a Diocesan Award presented to Brownie Girl Scouts in the 2nd or 3rd Grade. The Program is designed to teach girls a greater understanding and knowledge of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and encourages a deeper understanding and awareness of her Catholic Faith through exploration of her Catholic heritage.

THE AVE MARIA AWARD is presented to Junior Girl Scouts, Grades 4, 5, & 6. This program is designed to enrich each girl with greater understanding and knowledge of the titles and apparitions of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, especially, as Queen of the Holy Rosary.

THE OUR LADY AWARD is presented to Cadette Girl Scouts, Grades 7, & 8. It is designed to enrich each girl with greater understanding and knowledge of Mary, the Mother of Jesus through study and prayer.

National Religious Recognitions

THE FAMILY OF GOD Medal is designed for Brownie Girl Scouts in the 2nd and 3rd Grades. The program helps the girl grow in religious awareness by talking about her faith.

THE I LIVE MY FAITH Medal is presented to Junior Girl Scouts in the 4th, 5th and 6th Grades. This program does not emphasize the content of religious education, but intends to complement this work. It is action oriented, but accompanied by reflection and sharing with parents, consultants and peers.

THE MARIAN MEDAL is presented to Cadette Girl Scouts in Grades 7, 8, and 9. Its theme has relevance in the lives of girls today, and deals with understanding of self, love for one another, and the acceptance of Mary and the Marian ideals as the example of Christian womanhood. Mary, The First Disciple is the name of the Marian Medal Program Booklet.

THE SPIRIT ALIVE is presented to Senior Girl Scouts and Ambassador Girl Scoutsin High School. The girls are encouraged to use their Bibles and the Documents of Vatican II, through its four chapters: God communicates with us. Our Church challenges us to live God’s life. The Holy Spirit helps us through life. The Call to Holiness.

NEW! Catholic Church and GSUSA Patch

The requirements for this new patch help girls celebrate the relationship between the Catholic Church and Girl Scouting by encouraging them to explore the rich traditions of the Catholic faith and inspiring them to become stronger members of their Catholic community.


Our Catholic Faith Patches

This series is designed for girls grades 1-12. Its goals are to:


  • foster Catholic identity
  • encourage youth to learn more about their faith
  • encourage youth to serve their community
  • encourage youth to grow in holiness

Patches do not Require a Consultant

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