Catholic Scouting for Girls     

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Annual DOSP Catholic Award Ceremony 

Celebrate Girl Scout Sunday, March 11, 2018 at 2 pm at St. Jude's Cathedral with Bishop Parkes for a Special Service (NOT Mass). Scouts will receive their Catholic Religious Recognition Awards from the Bishop. Deadline to have paper work to Msgr. Dechering is in. Email [email protected] for more information.

Past Events

Catholic Scouting Religious Recognition Awards

Consultant Workshop

We are holding two consultant workshops:


1. *Consultant and Girl(s)                                                                            2. Consultant Only

Date: November 5, 2016                                                                             Date: October 24, 2016                                   

Time: 9:30am – 12:00pm                                                                               Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: St. Michael the Archangel                                                       Location: St. Paul Catholic Church

*This training is for Consultants AND girls. Please bring your

Daughter(s) and any other girl(s) from your organization

with you. They will have the opportunity to begin the first part

of the award they are working on.


Cost: Free!  We will have materials available for purchase.

Registration: Fill out our online registration form at:


The Catholic Committee on Scouting for Girls is proud to provide an annual workshop on Catholic Religious Recognition Awards. The workshop is designed to equip you to assist the Catholic girls in your troop or parish in earning the religious recognition awards from the Diocese of St. Petersburg. The award programs bring a spiritual perspective to the Girl Scout programs. This training will prepare you to:

    1. Select and purchase the program materials
    2. Assist the girls in meeting the award requirements.
    3. Certify the girls’ work and submit their award applications.
    4. Learn about other opportunities including: The annual Girl Scout Retreat and the Younger Girl Retreat.
    5. Enable girls to grow in their faith.

NOTE: This training is mandatory prior to working with Girl Scouts on the Religious Recognition Awards.

Important Information:

    1. Bring your Fingerprint report and Safe Environment form with you to the training. Because this work takes place under the auspices of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, you must complete the Diocesan Fingerprint Screening and Safe Environment training prior to attending the Workshop. The reports should be available from your parish or Catholic school. If you can’t get the Fingerprint report from your parish, please be willing to sign a release from authorizing the Diocese to send the report to the Catholic Committee Chaplin.
    2. Do you have girls earning awards? Important dates to remember;

Girl Scout Recognition (during the Girl Scout Catholic Retreat): April 1, 2017

Deadline for submissions of applications: February 10, 2017



Training is provided for all levels of the Catholic Scouting Religious Recognition Awards.

 These awards are;

  • Grades K & 1st: Guardian Angel Award & God is Love Award
  • Grades 2nd &  3rd : Mother Mary Award & Family of God Award
  • Grades 4th, 5th & 6th : Ave Maria Award & I Live My Faith Award
  • Grades 7th & 8th : Our Lady Award & Marian Medal
  • High School Girls: The Spirt Alive Award
  • Adults: St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton Award & St. Anne Medal


Ours is a spiritual ministry, bringing the Catholic message into a Scout setting. All consultants are invited – new and old. It is our goal to have a consultant in every parish, so that each Catholic Scout may have the opportunity to earn these Religious Awards.

Meet our JC (Junior Councilors)

Girls 8th - 12th Grade

The Girl Scout program centers on something called the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, and our JC Team plans and leads your retreats weekend. Our JC Team comes from all corners of the Diocese, and we are always looking for new members!